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The Favostix Mini is created with a minimalist touch to give you a tidy and easy-to-use pod mod.

Get ready for an innovative year ahead with Aspire brand! We are thrilled to offer our customers eye-catching designs and impressive colors in 2022. And our latest addition, the Favostix Mini, is no exception. It boasts a trendy color palette with a smooth ombre design that will make heads turn. Don’t miss out on this stylish device!

The Favostix Mini has undergone adjustments to create a smaller size compared to the original. The body lines have been seamlessly stretched to give it a sense of nobility. The youthful and bright colors add to its modern and dynamic look, making it suitable for different age groups. The sand paint coating is evenly treated, providing a smooth and comfortable feel when held. Small details on the body have been modified for aesthetic purposes as well as stability during operation. The combination of a strong magnet foot and snug cartridge holder ensures reliable protection for cartridges. LED dots have replaced the monitor screen to respond quickly to device status and operation. The button part has been removed, making way for auto-draw (suction induction) mode that maximizes battery capacity. Smoke rises smoothly and quickly with warmth, thanks to the use of Kanthal mesh coils in varying resistances for different experiences, from salt-nic to freebase. A small wind error on the side provides balanced airflow, allowing for smooth inhalation of nicotine and flavor. With a 700mAh battery, Favostix can work steadily all day, with only 40 minutes needed for Type-C charging to reach 100% battery capacity.

You absolutely must consider the Favostix Mini as your next purchase! It’s an incredibly tasty machine that won’t break the bank, and it’s perfect for anyone who values simplicity, ease-of-use, and modern design. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to upgrade your coffee game!


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