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Have you ever been enamored by the transparent design of dotAIO Frost? Well, now you can relive that feeling with dotMod’s latest innovation – the dotAIO V2 Lite, featuring a revamped and contemporary design. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the magic of transparent material once again.

Experience the perfect combination of modern technology and breathtaking design with dotMod dotAIO V2 Lite. This exceptional vape machine boasts a powerful 75W maximum power, battery saving mode, and an LCD screen that can change colors at your whim. With its compatibility with all previous occ lines for dotAIO, you can enjoy a multitude of operating modes for a personalized experience. The luxurious polycarbonate plastic casing of the V2 Lite comes in six stunning colors that will surely suit your style. What sets this design apart is the transparency of the body, allowing you to see each circuit board and conductor inside. The finishing process is meticulously done to ensure every electronic component is assembled properly. Enjoy an improved vaping experience with its child-proof e-liquid chamber and smoother burner removal process. The V2 Lite works seamlessly with all occ series designed for dotAIO, including the brand new dotCoils occ series by dotMod. Plus, you have the flexibility to customize your V2 Lite with any accessory compatible with dotAIO V1 and V2 without needing separate attachments or accessories. Treat yourself to a beautiful vape machine that delivers exceptional flavor quality and unparalleled convenience – choose dotMod dotAIO V2 Lite!

Are you looking to install your incredible custom doors onto the dotAIO V2 Lite? That’s perfectly fine! Do you want to fit your “cabinet” RBA into the V2 Lite? It’s not a problem at all! Don’t hesitate any longer and treat yourself after a year of hard work with the amazing dotMod dotAIO V2 Lite.


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