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Vapefly Jester II is a convenient, versatile & economical pod device. Everyone can experience many types of juice, from salt nic to freebase, can smoke both MTL and RDL, strong battery, impact-resistant body, no fingerprints and many colors to choose from.
Vapefly Jesster II represents virility, health, youth
Vapefly Jester II is a newly launched open pod device from the Vapefly brand, famous in the European market for its high quality products and reasonable prices. Vapefly Jester II has many outstanding advantages compared to other similar products on the market.

VapeFly Jester II Pod Kit

Vapefly Jester II has dimensions: 24×15.6x110mm, very easy to carry with you.
The body is made from impact-resistant ABS material, covered with a soft, fingerprint-free layer.

6 color versions of Vapefly Jester II

Gray creates a strong feeling.
Black for a modern feel.
Silver represents humility.
Green gives the impression of health.
Blue brings freedom.
Purple is confident.

Fully featured for modern life

The burner holds 3ml of juice, enough essential oil per day.
The Vapefly Jester II has a 3ml capacity burner, allowing you to use a variety of juices, from salt nic to freebase, from sweet to spicy flavors. You can measure the amount of juice used thanks to the transparent pod design. The burner shell is thick and sturdy, users can bite or close their lips comfortably thanks to Vapefly’s curve design.
1000mAh battery for long-term use.

VapeFly Jester II Pod Kit

The Vapefly Jester II has a built-in 1000mAh battery, allowing you to use it for hours at a time. You only need to fully charge it for an average of 1 hour before you can comfortably continue using it.

3 light colors quickly check battery capacity.

No longer have to worry about running out of battery in the middle of a trip, especially the maximum usage time can be extended when using a 1.2ohm pod.
Green: 70% – 100%
Blue: 70% – 30%
Red : 30% – 0%

The 3s chip has all 6 safety features when in use

Vapefly Jester II is equipped with a 3s chip, protecting the device from malfunctions such as short circuit, no contact, low battery, overheating, automatic charging disconnection, and 8s too much vapor. Users can avoid as many troubles as possible and have complete peace of mind while enjoying.

Automatic vaporization following suction, high sensitivity

The Vapefly Jester II has a suction sensor, allowing you to pump without pressing a button. You just need to put the pod in your mouth and smoke like a traditional cigarette. No more worrying about pressing the button when keeping it in the bag, causing a fire or having to replace the pod.

VapeFly Jester II Pod Kit




Suitable for expanding user experience

– 4 types of burners included, 2 different suction methods, 1 air conditioner.

Vapefly Jester II has 4 types of burners included, with different resistances: 0.6Ω, 0.8Ω, 1.0Ω, 1.2Ω. You can change the burner depending on the type of juice and your smoking style.

VapeFly Jester II Pod Kit

  • Vapefly Jester meets both MTL and RDL smoking methods.

    You can also choose to smoke in two ways: MTL (suck into your mouth and then blow out) and RDL (suck directly into your lungs), depending on your preferences and feelings. To adjust the amount of air, you will have a small lever on the side of the pod, customize it to your exact needs on the device, at any time.

    *Note: currently, The Vape Club does not sell Jester II’s 1.0ohm and 1.2ohm burners.

    Top competitive prices and usage costs

    Priced at only 320k for the machine and 55k for the pod, you will get a high quality product with long-term use costs.
    For example, if you use up 30ml of saltnic in a month, you will need 5 replacement pods for excellent vapor quality (1 6ml vaporizer – excellent quality level), so the cost you spend now is: (55×5 +300)/30= 19.2 k/ml. This cost level on open pod is truly desirable compared to many other product lines.

    Summary of Vapefly Jester II

    Imagine the feeling in your hands with the Vapefly Jester II –  owning a convenient, versatile and economical pod device. Feel the difference when enjoying many different flavors of juice, smoking in two ways MTL and RDL, long-lasting and safe battery use. Confidently  choose a high quality product at a reasonable price that suits both needs and style. Change yourself to a new, dynamic, clean, modern image. Just place your order today to turn your vision into reality. Vapefly Jester II – a choice for youth!
    Vapefly Jester II is a convenient, versatile, and economical alternative to traditional cigarettes.

    Box included

    1 Jester II Pod Kit
    1 empty pod with pre-installed coil (0.6ohm or 1.0ohm)
    1 user manual
    1 warranty card
    Accessories purchased together
    VapeFly Jester II Cartridge


    The product is only for people over 18 years old.
    Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.


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